Why A fit bodybuilder dies at the age of 31? Satnam Khattra, a

 Why A fit bodybuilder dies at the age of 31?

Satnam Khattra, a popular fitness coach, model and bodybuilder from Jalandhar passed away due to heart attack on Saturday, August 29. He was 31.

His death was announced by his coach Rohit Khera on social media.

Sources said that he was unwell for some time.

He hurt a heart attack in early morning of Saturday at his home.

Satnam Khattra (23 February 1989-29 August 2020) was an Indian bodybuilder based in Jalandhar. He had a large following on social media.

He hails from a village in Fatehgarh Sahib. He was preparing to launch his own brand of fitness products at the time of his death. He died on 29 August 2020 of a heart

Satnam was popular among youth and had a huge social media fan following with over 3.7 lac followers on Instagram.

Once addicted to drugs, Khattra had gone through rehabilitation. He was into physical fitness for eight years.

He had been conducting online fitness classes during the lockdown and had been planning to set up his own fitness brand.

I read more on my quora account, someone write a technical cause of death:
The left side bodybuilder died today .
His name was Satnam Khattra ( from punjab) he was having 370k + followers on Instagram and having a limica world record of biggest arm of 2019.

It's a really sad news but I'm here not to tell you the news but the reason.
The main reason is the excess of muscle mass of his body. Muscle cells are active cells which need constant blood, so there is a quite high pressure on heart to supply blood to the muscle cell. Now the heart can resist this pressure for a particular time only ( most likely 2to 5
years) and then heart show some symptoms like blood from mouth and then stops and people call it as heart attack. Now there is question that there are many people who are facing obesity from many years but why they dont die rather than bodybuilders who constantly workout die.

The reason is that normal fat person have fat cells that are not active, which means they dont need any continues blood supply so there is no pressure on heart to supply blood to them. That's why they never face any lethal incident. But rather they face some other obesity.

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