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Kazen Training: TQM- How to Implement Kaizen Practice at shop floor?

What is the meaning of kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese word, it is made up of two words kai + zen which means change + good (change for good) Any change that we can do for improvement is called kaizen. In this, we keep on making small improvements, which increases productivity and reduces waste / rejection.

In any organization, every person working in it, whether it is a house-keeping person or every person of the staff where every person is working, makes small improvements every day in their area, that work is called kaizen. If this happens then the company will grow day by day.

What is Waste?

Waste The activity that happens in any of our organizations is of two types, Value Added Activity and Non Value Added Activity, which means that whatever work we do, there is a big part in it and it is believed that 90% of the activity we work. Do what is not value added in any organization, the remaining 10% is value added.

There are two types of Non Value Added Activity

1 (NNVA) Necessary Non Value Added Activity: it is also called Type-1 WASTE

2. Type-2 WASTE.

Type-1 Waste (NNVA) - Type-1 WASTE These are two types of activity, which are waste while living but are also necessary for the company, such as doing inspection does not increase the value of parts but it is necessary. Because by doing inspection, we will get the data of those parts from which we can analyze and improve it. It will be called Necessary non value added activity.

The type 2 waste(NVA) Non value added activities: that happens is pure waste. To understand waste, one has to know some hidden things about the company. If you have a company, there are many such activities inside the company which are waste but we do not know about them, they are hidden.

Like break down time is more, setup time is more, schedule is not right, housekeeping is not right, logo is not being used properly, there are many such activities which remain hidden.

Which is the waste?

There can be three types of waste in the company.

1. People waste

2. Quality waste

3. Quantity waste

People waste can be of three types -

1. Over processing

2. Unnecessary motion

3. Waiting

1. Over processing- Doing anything more than the requirement. After inspecting once, it is a waste to inspect for the second time. Once done cleaning then second time cleaning if it was not needed yet you did it is called over processing.

2. Unnecessary motion- Any kind of motion for any work like you are moving any material or any file in any computer, it is called motion. We have to reduce unnecessary motion. We cannot stop it but it can be reduced.

3. Waiting- Any kind of wait which is there can be wasted. If your machine is stopped or there is no material. After the material arrives, there is no instruction that which material to make is a waste. You are sending a file to the computer, the internet is slow, this is also a kind of waste. The man is waiting for the electricity to be wasted. Any kind of waiting (waiting) is a waste in our system. We have to identify the waste and reduce it.

Quantity waste can be of three types -

1. Inventory

2. Overproduction

3. Transportation

1. Inventory - Any kind of invention, whether it is working progress or good finish, every kind of inventory is a big waste, invention means where your work is stopped.

2. Over production- Over production is considered as a big waste, if you produce a lot, then you will have to face the problems of the place and it generates many problems.

3. Transportation - If any transportation is happening in any company, such as the movement of material or anything else, if there is no value added by the transportation, then we have to stop unnecessary transportation.

Quality waste -

Quality waste is caused by Defects, if any kind of Rejection or Rework is happening, it is a very big waste, there can be many reasons for this, Man, Machine, Material, Method, Measurement and Environment Due to any of these reasons, our Defect comes. could. We have to control them. If this control is not there then the customer will have poor material supply, due to which the cost increases and the customer does not get satisfaction.

How to start kaizen?-

Kaizen has a meeting in which employees of all departments are included. And they are told about why we should do kaizen? What are the benefits of doing this?

Why should we do kaizen?

1. This leads to excessive production.

2. Rising cost of raw materials and fuel.

3. To produce good and best quality products at a low price.

4. To generate a product of good quality according to the needs of the customer.

How can we contribute to kaizen?

1. By using the 5s system in the workplace.

2. By giving small suggestions in the methodology.

3. By creating discipline.

4. By simplifying your work.

5. By making the work we do easier.

6. By continuously improving the quality.

7. To participate actively in the solution of the problems encountered during the work.

Suggestions of kaizen :-

1. The production process and machines should be improved.

2. The functioning of the office should be improved.

3. Improvements in relation to the new product.

4. The customer should be satisfied with your quality.

Benefits of kaizen :-

1. The system will improve.

2. The work will become easier.

3. Will work safely.

4. Unnecessary work will be eliminated.

5. Quality will improve.

6. Production will improve.

7. The value of production will be reduced.

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