How to post from my saved article of my mobile to my u tube channel?

How to post from my saved article of my mobile to my u tube channel?

Hi readers! this is question that is suggeted to me by Google to answer this, so that's why i am writing the article on this and to answer the question. We all know that youtube is online videos sharing plateform but now the question is how to write articles right. So lets starts:

  • Yes you can write articles on Youtube
  • If you have blog and website prefer to write articles on that
  • You can upload those saved articles on Google docs and share with limited access to others.
  • How to post article on Youtube?

    Well, it is not difficult task.Make video of few mintute on the same topic that is described in article and paste the whole article into description of the video. Youtube allow you to write 5000 words in the description of the video. This limit of words is enough to write.

    But always remembers that the viewers visit youtube to watch video not to read the articles so thats why we do not recommend to do this on youtube. You can write few words of article and give permalink in youtube decription to read more. The viewer may redirect to your website.This will help you to grab traffic to your website.

    This is also best way to post articles on googe docs and share them to other with read only excess. I hope this article may help you a long way. THanks so much. Don't forget to share and subscribe my blog.

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