Nayanthara: Queen of Southern Cinema, Do you Know?

Nayanthara: Queen of Southern Cinema, who is more than just a superstar

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One of the most notable female actresses of the South Indian film industry, Nayantara, today celebrates her 36th birthday on 18 November. While considered a superhero of male superstars in the industry, Nayantara's acting skills have helped her make her way. From a powerful commercial heroine to a powerhouse artiste, Nayantara is loved by the public and critics alike.

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Transition From Education to Acting

Nayanthara, whose real name is Diana Mariam Kurian, was born into a very conservative Christian family. The retired head of the English department, Mara Thoma College, where Kurien followed English literature, recalls that the Tamil actress was "one of the best students: in class," she used to sit on only the first or second bench in the class. . She was very hardworking and responsible. If we wanted to organize something, teachers always depended on it. In her first year of graduation, she was hosting a television show and got into modeling. She did her studies well despite her other activities.

However, as some things happen in life, Kurien was also ready to become Nayanthara. In 2003, Malayalam filmmaker Sathyan Enthikad saw the 19-year-old, college-going Kurian in a jewelery ad and decided that he was the right choice for his directorial debut. Even when Kurian was cast and shooting began, Anthecaid improperly submitted her heroine's name and featured it on an poster of a film back in the day as an adult. Thus resumed by her as Nayantara, no less with the approval of Clapboard Boy, she moved into an arena that would turn her into superstardom.

Rule over tamil cinema

Nayantara's early stint in the Malayalam film industry was essayed by fresh-laced, long-haired, girl-next-door characters in films such as Manesinkare, Vismayathumbathu, and Natturvuvu. While her image as a cement female star was strengthened, her acting prowess remained a topic less discussed. Gradually, however, Nayantara entered a film industry which she would rule for the next two decades - Kollywood or the Tamil film industry. In this new phase, Nayantara reorganized herself first as an action heroine and later as an artist, who could serve as a strong writer-assistant. Stunning performances in Tamil films like Maya, Dora, Aram, Kolayathir Kaalam, and Kolamavu Kokila, as well as Telugu films like Sri Ram Rajyam, Nayanthara, presented themselves as masters of their craft.

Film critic Somayya Rajendran with The News Minute topped Nayanthara to a successful balance, "She (Nayantara) doesn't want to do only female-centric films, but mainstream films don't have the gender of the main protagonist 'T really is the thing. She is being part of big mainstream films and seen with big heroes. She is trying to create a genre for herself. "

A woman of Her own mind

While Nayantara was professionally accomplished, her personal life was full of controversies. His public relations with actor Silambarasan and the subsequent break up of the relationship "leaked" into intimate photos of the couple. In addition, his relationship with Prabhu Deva - a married father of two - nearly ruined his career. She reportedly had Prabhu Deva's name on her wrist and converted to Hinduism to marry her, even announcing her decision to leave cinema in 2011.

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Nayantara not only faced emotional turmoil, but also unfair oppression by the society, which called her a 'house-owner'. The actress, however, remained with dignified silence, and by 2013, she was back to delivering blockbusters. She met her current partner director Vignesh Sivan while working with Naanum Rowdy Dhaan.

As per industry norms, Nayanthara decisively referred to as the item number, even refused the opportunity to act with Shah Rukh Khan in a song in Chennai Express. It is known that the actress has given her opinion on social and political issues. In 2017, she participated in Jallikattu protests in Chennai and in 2019, she publicly praised the Telangana police for "encounter" of four rape suspects in Hyderabad.

Today, Nayantara is considered the highest paid actress in the Tamil film industry. She was also the only South Indian actress to feature in the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list in 2018. Living a life on her own terms, Nayantara's professional success and personal journey clearly shows that she is much more than a 'Lady Superstar'.

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